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Registration Information
Please try your best to fill in the fields below fully so we can get to know you better. Our group thrives through interaction and knowledge between the members. Please also remember that KinkyJews is a real group that meets for coffees, munches, social events, parties, demos, lectures and special events. This forum is the main way the membership communicates between those events. Therefore the more you share about yourself, the better we can serve your needs, goals, desires, dreams etc.
Items marked with a * are required unless stated otherwise.
Registration Tips:

Username is the name that will appear on your postings. It is also the name that people will usually associate you with at events, gatherings, munches, demos or meetings. Please pick something that is specific to you. For example if your name is Jason you may want to choose something more specific becuase we have 20 "jason's" in the group. Perhaps a nickname would be good like "Glad" or "Master Glad". You will not be able to change this once registered.

Email Address is what will be used if you enable the email send/receive/reply option in the forums. Your email itself will not be visable to other members though you will be able to enable an email icon which will allow members to email you from your profile. KinkyJews will never reveal your email to the general public!. This email is required for activation and general communication through the forums. You will be able to change this later if neccessary by entering your profile after registration.

Fetish Interests is required and must be filled in to submit the registration. We like to know what our members are interested in both fetish and generally. This way we as a group can help plan social events around what our members like to do. It also allows other members to view your profile and get a better idea of what you like. We have all kinds of interests in our group and we want to explore yours and help you explore ours. Please do not just put "General" or "Fetish" as interests; try to be specific.

Signature is required and must be filled in to submit the registration. If you do not include your name or a nickname in the signature you will be denied activation. When you post on the forums it does not add who wrote the posts for those receiving emails. It shows your username on the forum/topic/post itself but not to anyone receiving emails. Please include your name or some other identifier so people know who made the posting. There can also include a quote, a website URL or additional information about yourself.
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How did you hear about KinkyJews?*
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